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        V6 Experience Days

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        Drive in the slipstream of Champions

        Experience the thrilling Exige 410 Sport and incomparable Evora GT410 on the world famous Hethel Test Track.

        Supercharged V6 power is reserved for our flagship sports cars. Extravagant levels of horsepower and torque, delivered smoothly with instant response and a motorsport howl that will stay with you for days.

        Accompanied by expert instructors, you will have the chance to drive both vehicles around our legendary track.

        Guests can also discover more about our 70 years of racing heritage with an exclusive Hethel factory tour and Classic Team Lotus tour.

        Example Schedule

        09.30 hrs

        Arrival at Hethel, Norfolk
        Coffee/ Pastries at the Lotus Clubhouse, Introduction to the Lotus Driving Academy Team
        Safety Briefings and Group A/B allocation

        10.00 hrs

        Group A to racetrack for V6 drive experience
        Group B to Factory Tour and Classic Team Lotus Tour

        13.00 hrs

        Lunch at the Clubhouse

        13.30 hrs

        Group B to racetrack for V6 drive experience
        Group A to Factory Tour and Classic Team Lotus Tour

        16.30 pm

        Return to Visitor Centre?for farewells

        Available Dates

        November 16th


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